Venturing around Vietnam – part 1

Hello friends and family! Greetings from Vietnam, where I’m spending three weeks before returning to real life (i.e. a job). Since my boyfriend is living in New Zealand now, we decided to meet “halfway” in Hanoi, which we determined was equally inconvenient for both of us. After two whole days of snowstorms, flight delays, missed […]

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A Softer Side of Florida Man

Hello friends and family! Since my last post, I’ve been bouncing around Florida in the hopes of experiencing as much as possible before I have to head north for Christmas. I went to the Everglades and saw huge alligators sunning themselves in drainage ditches, and then drove through the Florida Keys until I reached the […]

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The Shadow of the Sunshine State

Hello friends and family! I went swimming in a freshwater spring recently, so remote it was accessed by miles of dirt roads through a longleaf pine forest, followed by a half-mile hike into a swamp. It’s about 30 degrees here in Florida, with the sort of humidity that curls my hair and leaves a permanent […]

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Wagons Across Wyoming

Hello friends and family! This (admittedly overdue) blog post really starts a few weeks ago in Elko, Nevada. I’d stopped off to gamble in a smoky casino and eat a pasty, the Cornish hand-pie beloved by coal miners, and then decided to visit a museum about the migrations of the mid-1800s that brought successive waves […]

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The Casinos and Cathouses of Nevada

Greetings from the frontier! Americans like to complain that they aren’t free anymore, but Nevada is as libertarian as it gets: cheap booze, legal weed, roadside brothels, indoor smoking, no mask mandates, sky-high speed limits, and gun-friendly businesses. You can even gamble in grocery stores, laundromats and gas stations, playing their “loose” and “liberal” slots. […]

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American Credulity

Hello friends and family! I was listening to the book Fantasyland by Kurt Andersen the other day, which is about the history of the American penchant for the fantastical and untrue, beginning with the very first pilgrims and fortune-seekers who settled Virginia and New England in the 1600s. Most of these settlers were wide-eyed naïfs […]

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