Leaf Peeping in new england

Hello friends and family! It’s been a while! I took a hiatus from this blog over the summer while I settled down for three months in Minden, working at an LCBO. It was good fun, but I got restless to be back out on the road. I don’t really know why. Last year it was […]

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At Home in Algonquin

Hello friends and family! Ah, May in Algonquin! The blackflies aren’t yet awake and the hordes of May long-weekend revelers haven’t yet arrived. The woods are blanketed in the blossoms of trout lillies and red trilliums, which will die as soon as the sugar maple leaves bloom. The fiddleheads are emerging. The salamander tadpoles are […]

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Springtime Along the Bruce

I never write lovingly about the places I come from. Travel and adventure writing is always based on paying attention to the new places we go to, never the old places we come from. But sometimes it can be refreshing to write about our places of origin as if we were seeing them with the […]

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The Long Ride Home

Hello friends and family! This is a bit overdue, but I thought I should write a final update about the tail end of my American sojourn. I had a few weeks in the magical corridor of eastern Utah that runs between Monument Valley and Moab. You’d recognize Monument Valley from Forrest Gump – if you […]

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Springtime in Desert Solitude

Greetings friends and family, This edition of the newsletter is all California, all desert. I’ve been reading the foundational desert rat text Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey, who says everything I want to say about the desert but with more beauty and grace, so I recommend everyone abandon this email and check that book out from the […]

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Everything’s Sadder in Texas

Hello friends and family! I’m currently in a hotel room, waiting out the winter storm that has closed portions of I-40 along northern Arizona. After driving a few hours through white-out conditions, fretting over my own mortality, I’m enjoying my version of heaven: shitty cable TV, a vending machine dinner, and a six-pack of domestic […]

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Adventuring in Arizona

Greetings friends and family! As I write this, I’m camped in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico, with a hot spring about 10 metres away from my door. Not a bad deal for eight dollars. My last newsletter was a bit of a doozy, and I want to say thank you to everyone who reached […]

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Alone in the Desert

Hello friends and family! Greetings from Arizona, where it’s 35 degrees and the sun is so oppressive I have to hide inside the van every day between the hours of 10 and 5. Everything is normal here, in a “first act of a horror movie” way, because everyone acts as if Covid weren’t happening. I walked around […]

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